Where I Live and Write My Books

After living in Terrace Park, OH for many years where our three children grew up, my husband and I moved to a new home in another suburb of Cincinnati. Then, for the past five years, we lived outside of Washington, D.C. but kept our house in Cincy. I would often take the Metro to the Library of Congress as well as to other places in our beautiful capital. As of late January, 2013 we are now living fulltime back in Cincinnati but I often return to D.C, to see friends and to carry my research notebooks into my beloved Library of Congress.

Here is our Cincinnati house on a snowy day. The best kind of day at my desk is on a snowy day. We live on West Street. There is also a (true) West Street in SLEDS ON BOSTON COMMON. In another of my books I made up a name of a school and called it West Street Elementary.

West St. front steps

Books on balcony

Desk in snow

Front hall

LB at desk with Raffy

Lincoln Memorial

Library of Congress

Library of Congress

Library of Congress

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