A. Lincoln and Me

Skinny as a beanpole and tall for his age, an awkward young boy learns that Abraham Lincoln was often called "gorilla" and "backward hick" by his peers. Yet along with big hands and big feet, Lincoln had the amazing gift to lead a nation through a troubled time. The poetic story by Louise Borden and magnificent paintings by Caldecott Honor recipient Ted Lewin introduce young children to a wonderful boy and a great president.

Released: 2001 • Published by: Scholastic Paperbacks • ISBN: 9780590457156 • Ages: 4-8

"These images of Lincoln at different points in his life make a powerful collage, which Lewin creates with fervor. There's nothing preachy about Borden's text, which makes the boy's connection to this historical figure immediate, honest, and straightforward."
—Kirkus Reviews

Parents' Choice Award